Grey Towers is the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, first Chief of the US Forest Service and twice Govenor of Pennsylvania.
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Grey Towers, located in Milford, Pennsylvania, was originally the summer estate of the James Pinchot family and later the primary home of Gifford Pinchot, America´s first forester and founder of the USDA Forest Service.

Grey Towers

Grey Towers was built in 1886 by James and Mary Pinchot as a summer retreat. It was James who first recognized the reckless destruction of natural resources that was overtaking the nation in the 19th century. James encouraged his eldest son Gifford to consider a career in forestry, thus introducing the idea of conservation to America.

Gifford Pinchot went on to establish and serve as the first Chief of the US Forest Service, and he was twice elected Governor of Pennsylvania. Between family, friends and political associates, Grey Towers was always bustling with activity and was central to advancing the Pinchots´ social, political and conservation ideals. In 1963 the Pinchot family donated Grey Towers and its surrounding 102 acres to the US Forest Service.

Grey Towers Heritage Association (GTHA) supports the efforts of the US Forest Service to preserve and maintain the estate´s historic integrity, to continue the tradition of Pinchot hospitality and to strengthen Grey Towers´ connection to our community. GTHA helps support public programs that tell the interesting story of how one family helped shape our nation´s thinking about conservation.

  • Conservation and arts programs
  • Musical, visual and literary events
  • Public walks and talks
  • Interpretive mansion tours
  • Conservation education, schools and youth programs

The Library at Grey Towers. It plays host to marvelous theatrical readings and silent auctions to bring funds to the Association's many community projects


For more information visit the website of Grey Towers National Historic Site,

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