Board of Directors

Grey Towers Heritage Association, a non-profit organization that supports public and community programs at Grey Towers National Historic Site, Milford, PA.


Marian Keegan, President
vacant, Vice-President
Robert Remillard, Treasurer
Marcia Monaco, Secretary

Mary Anne Carletta, Director
Dianna Levine, Director
Todd Hill, Director

Susan Beecher, Director Emeritus
Leila Pinchot, Director Emeritus

Grey Towers Mansion

The volunteer board meets monthly at the historic estate and plans its support for such popular programs as:

  • Summer Lecture Series
  • National Public Lands Day / Ice Cream Social
  • Festival of Wood
  • Community Appreciation Day
  • Volunteer Picnic
  • Edgar Allan Poe and Christmas Carol Dramatic Readings
  • Cemetery Historical Theatre
  • Holiday Reception, plus many more activities throughout the year.

The Grey Towers Heritage Association organization, formed in 2007, as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization assists the U.S. Forest Service with a number of public programs, such as a lecture series and the popular Poe and Dickens dramatic readings.

The working board also spearheads projects, such as rehabilitation and maintenance of the Laurel Hill Cemetery, on the adjoining Milford Experimental Forest, the Fire Tower Project, education programs with area schools, publications and signage and the Grey Towers internship and Scholar in Residence programs. The GTHA leads the outreach, publicity and communications efforts with its social media presence.

Seeking Directors for the Grey Towers Heritage Assoc. Board

Increased interest in the public programs and projects at Grey Towers National Historic Site, Milford, PA. has opened up opportunities for volunteer positions on the Board of Directors of the Grey Towers Heritage Assoc. This year has been a challenge for everyone, and the Board has shown resilience and innovation in the crisis.

Monthly meetings, committee work and assisting with the programs are among the responsibilities of Board members. Skills sought include leadership, budget and/or administrative skills, as well as good communication, high energy and a passion for Grey Towers and its legacy.

For more information about the Directors positions, or to submit an application, contact or call 570-296-9625.

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fall towers

Grey Towers National Historic Site, ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, eminent conservationist and was two-term Governor of Pennsylvania, is managed by the US Forest Service as a conservation education and leadership center. Its iconic position in the national organization brings resource conservation leaders from around the world to its conference center. Their museum and visitor program welcomes 16,000 guests annually.


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