The Pinchots & Milford: Self-Guided Walking Tour

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The Pinchots built Grey Towers from 1884 to 1886. The mansion and grounds are impressive and important to the history of conservation in America.

Grey Towers, however, was not the first home that the family built in Milford. Beginning in 1818 when they arrived in our town, the Pinchots built a number of homes and other structures that reflect the profound impact this family had on the development of Milford, Pike County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The “Pinchots and Milford Self-Guided Walking Tour” takes visitors to 15 sites in Milford that were built by, or used by, Pinchot family members. The tour starts in the center of town, at the “Community House,” and following about a half-of-a-mile of pathways explains a bit of the history of the town and how the Pinchot family shaped it.

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