Climate, Food, Farms, and Forests: A ‘Wildlands and Woodlands’ Approach

  • July 30, 2021
    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Presenter: Dr. Brian Donahue

A wide range of “natural climate solutions” have been proposed linking how we eat and house ourselves with how we manage our farms and forests—from the “Planetary Health Diet” to “management intensive grazing,” and from reforestation and “proforestation” to building our cities with wood.

This talk will start with the “Wildlands and Woodlands” and “New England Food Vision” regional models, and then propose a comprehensive, integrated policy and investment approach that includes food justice, healthier eating, soil health, housing, carbon forestry, wildlands preservation, and landscape-scale conservation.

Brian Donahue earned Ph.D., M.A, and B.A. degrees from Brandeis University. His expertise includes American environmental studies, New England farm and forest history, sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry, and land conservation. He teaches courses on environmental issues, environmental history, sustainable farming and forestry, and early American culture. Brian’s primary research interests include the history and the prospects of human engagement with the land, especially in New England. His publications can be found here: Brian Donahue | Brandeis University